Entry #3

Yo wtf m8?

2008-12-19 02:27:10 by DeathSagax

I tink some1 goes around, all the audio n flash areas, and downgrades everyones flash or tune, im just sitting here watching people'zz good work go from a 5, to a 2, bla bla bla, AHHHHH :-P


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2008-12-19 02:41:08

It's me, and I hate you.

DeathSagax responds:

hooooow'd i knooow, uuu trickster, jayzus :-P


2008-12-19 05:50:19

Yeah, that they do, always somebody trying to destroy stuff for everyone else

DeathSagax responds:

lol, not quite sure why on newgrounds, woohoo, yea kno?